Brett Yormark’s first day on the job - August 1st

Let’s see how the week unfolds!

Random tweet I found:



So far, all is quiet on the Western Front.

I sure hope that the rest of week gets more interesting!


I don’t expect much today. He’s probably got to go to orientation, watch some videos, get his login credentials and ID badges… how to label stuff for the break room fridge. You all know the drill!


he is probably filling out a bunch of forms today and getting moved into his office.
I bet tight now, he is thinking wow…it is almost lunch and asking around where he can grab lunch around here.

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Can’t say I would expect much on the very first day. It’s not even lunch yet. He’s probably still watching the mandatory, “Please don’t grope the assistants or call your secretary 'sugar t*ts” video.

I wonder if he’s already trying to get around IT’s security rules for websites? anyone?

He has probably requested access to at least 30 google docs and sheets that he was given a link to, but didn’t have permission to view. One of those docs is probably the official invite for the four corners schools. No one can remember who the owner of the doc is and no one had editing abilities and they are just waiting for the owner to grant access so the fireworks can start!


Today’s syllabus day

Optional really

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1st official announcement.


Wow, so the Big12 has the BigEast and SEC non- conference matchups? Nice. I only knew of the SEC matchups.
Would be cool to see UH vs Georgetown next year.


Out of some very good BigEast Basketball schools currently, Georgetown would be far down on my list of teams to play! Didn’t they finish dead last in Conf this past season. I would have to look up. :thinking:

Edit: and for sure don’t bring up the Phi Slama… era to CKS, he doesn’t like to go back that far w Coogs . He’s very respectful to late GVL, but when the actual team is brought up, he brings it back to current status.


Yeah, Georgetown was bad. Pulled a doughnut last year in conference play. I’m surprised Patrick Ewing still has a job.

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I had no idea Providence won it last season.
A once proud Butler program had a rough season.

There are some fun urban road trips in this group.

Ohh yea Providence was very good all year. Should be good again this year. Pretty sure Coach signed long extension. That would be great match-up. Esp if for instance if they were to plsy at MSG. BE tremendous exp for UH players.


Excerpt from the link below:

Yormark said he pledged the Big 12 board of directors that he would ensure the league would be “bold and humble, aggressive and thoughtful, and innovative and creative” in growing its brand and business — and becoming a bit more contemporary.

“One thing is crystal clear. There is no higher priority than to best position the Big 12 for its upcoming multimedia rights negotiations,” Yormark said. “Everything we do must create momentum for these negotiations, as well as building the value of the Big 12 brand and business.