Brian T. Smith punches UT in the face

Well maybe not, but the article is funny:

"Now, I don’t want to speak for everyone living in the fourth-largest city in America. But let me put it this way: I’ve never watched the Longhorn Network. I have a pretty good feeling I will never watch your school’s stupid TV station. And I honestly wouldn’t even know what channel to find it on if I did want to see Mack Brown interviewing a cow or the grainy rebroadcast of a football game from 1969.

Actually, let me speak for the vast majority of this city’s sports-obsessed residents: Saying the Longhorns and the Big 12 are “in” Houston because of a network only a few misguided souls dare to watch is like declaring 11-14 under Strong a promising start.

And I thought Texas was a smart school."


That is hilariously funny, because it is so darn true. I couldn’t believe those words every came out of Perrin’s mouth. Smith’s analogy is spot on.

The LHN is a catastrophe for ESPN. I am baffled that they made a 20 year, $300mm commitment to Texas for the LHN. ESPN has to pay Texas $15mm/yr no matter what kind of ratings LHN gets. I wonder if the people that arranged the deal are still working for ESPN? If so, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell them.

If UH were in UT’s position, I would respect the position of wanting to keep our big slice of the pie and hold ESPN to their contract as long as I could. But everyone knows that the Big XII needs to expand and it is not like schools in the ACC, SEC, PAC, etc. are going to jump at the chance to go the Big XII. The Big XII has limited options that make sense. For all of those comments on the BTS article against UH, I did not see any that stated the case for Cincy, UConn, BYU, etc. over UH. No one cares for Cincy vs. UT or UConn vs. UT but you can tell there is plenty of passion for UT vs. UH. The consistent posts by UT fans trying to insult UH fans and alumni only supports his position that UH makes the most sense.

Red McCombs had a great point too.

Who the heck in the state of Texas is going to watch Iowa State versus UCONN?

I’m okay with UT claiming their presence in Houston via LHN, just so long as we can all agree that we have an equal or better presence in Austin via our Scott and Holman Pawdcast. Note: I have no affiliation with the Pawdcast.

Man the more I think about it, I drove through Austin once, so I suppose I personally have an equal presence in Austin to UT’s presence in Houston using UT logic.

I appreciate the plug, affiliated or not!

Also, I was in Austin last month so yes we do have a presence in Austin.

I do not understand the supposed argument from some that claim that the rest of the big 12 doesn’t want another Texas school.

I though the issue was TV sets. With the possible exception of BYU, exactly what other school mentioned would bring more sets than UH…in the soon to be 3rd largest city.

This argument (if real and not just concocted by the other Texas schools) has never held water to me !

As far as an Austin presence goes, UH should buy 100 acres and build a “research center” We could name it the U. H. Capital Research Center or UH - Austin for short,

I hope by now most of you realize UT people just make this stuff up as they go along. It doesn’t have to have any connection to reality. And it seems to work. We’re all sitting around reflecting on it, aren’t we?

UT actually did us a favor. I don’t believe that was by accident.

Brian totally nailed it. But in the end all that really matters is what UH does this year. There’s a whole bunch of folks just waiting for us to fail. Then they will claim that last year was a fluke. I just hope this team is not reading its press. #1-0

Espn really thought people in Houston cared about the Horns…seem like they now know that it was an illusion. The horns are a paper tiger…

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