Bright Future

We are all mad and disappointed now, but the future is bright for UH Hoops for the first time in forever. We just had our best season in 35yrs and we have our best recruiting class of this regime coming in next year. We have a new arena opening and with the development center in place we now are equal footing with a lot of the schools we are recruiting against. I think this run will really help us in recruiting come November.


Good call Jerry. This is only the beginning.

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So proud of these boys. Hope Rob Gray gets drafted. He deserves it.


Keep Rob Grey in Houston!! Come on Rockets :rocket:
Draft him!!!
Is that even possible??


Rockets need a coog on the roster to win the title. Just saying.


we winning the title this season. just sayin

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Gray would fit perfectly on the Rockets, especially if Lebron comes and they lost a couple of guys.

I think this year probably opened the eyes of a lot of Houston area recruits. I mean, how could it not? This nearly globally-underestimated team put us back on the map, and for that, I am very thankful. It doesn’t look like Sampson is planning on going anywhere, so we are primed for a really good run. With the Astros and Rockets looking like championship caliber teams and the Texans hopefully returning to good health, what a time to be a Houston sports fan!

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College basketball was missing in the Houston sports menu. Getting us back to this level fits a missing sports slot in the Houston market.


I don’t know why a kid wouldn’t love to play for Sampson with the culture of toughness he’s built. And I agree with Sampson on the better team not winning Saturday. I thought if we played our game we would win. But we gave them the game via our mistakes. When you allow the “scrappy underdog” to stick around they have the potential to win the game.

It’s funny to me because when I said that on a “Coogs House” Facebook fan page people criticized me, for saying Michigan was the underdog. It was just the attitude I had, and I’m sure the attitude the players had, instilled by Sampson; play our game; tough defense, rebound, hustle, share the ball on O…and we win. We just didn’t do enough of it Saturday night. But the culture is set. If you want to see playing time you will hustle, dive for loose balls, D up, make the extra pass. I’m excited about the future.


Forgive me for being skeptical , but this was a special year with a special talent in Rob Gray in his senior year.We waited seven years for a young man with his kind of talent and leadership to get us to the NCAA.
It’s going to be really tough to replicating this year’s success next season.

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If Coach thinks we’ll be better next year, I’m gonna trust Coach.


Gray not great 3 pt shooter imo. So no fit w Rockets. Certainly not going to be one handling the ball.

"Astros looking like Championship caliber team":thinking::thinking:. Thought they already were. WS2017 Champs

The only way I could see him fitting with the rockets is to be chris paul’s understudy. Rockets need someone to initiate offense for the 2nd unit after CP3 gets old. CP3 is going to age well though so the Rockets may not be looking into that yet.

His name is eric gordon

Well, obviously I was talking about this coming year.