Briles legacy continues…

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My heart goes out to the victims. Certainly it seems like the Briles family should not be coaching young men or women. Though I would guess Kendall isn’t the only one to blame in creating a culture that permits this at Arkansas. I’m sure more will come out on the details in the future.


Brooo… wtf

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Oof rumor is this kid had the same issues at Ole Miss… and was coached by Jeff Lebby

Jeff Lebby was on staff at Baylor when their allegations happened. He also happens to be Kendal Briles brother in law


Hmm so blame everything on the Coaches…what abt his parents ?


Where does Pole Assassin and the dog fit into this?


Respectfully… kick rocks. This has nothing to do with Briles. He went to Stephenville? Briles hasnt been there in 20 years. Awful story, and weird to try and take away from the actual criminal and point it as the Briles family


How can you blame that on Briles?

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Is everyone gonna ignore the part about school knowing and did nothing?

Justis Mosqueda


Spent two years under Kendal Briles at Arkansas. Went to Stephenville, where Art Briles coached before going to college football. Disgusting stuff

So how does the Briles family fit into this? How is the coach responsible for what this guy is accused of doing? I’m not a Dana fan but I wouldn’t put blame on him if one of his players did something bad.

make an instagram account? what about calling the police? weird deal


Is their proof that the school knew or are you just going by what somebody said on twitter or tiktok?

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Yeah, Twitter is a haven for liars with an agenda.

I thought it was a monkey. Or do I have the wrong “clothing-deprived entertainer”.

You are correct, sir. It is a monkey. I guess trying to remember something so bizarre I thought it to be a dog, but it was truly extremely bizarre with the monkey.

Touch my monkey. I mean don’t touch my monkey.

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This post alleges that serious crimes were committed and assumed that law enforcement was involved. But did not have to look very hard to see that, at least for now, there were no criminal charges filed. The only action law enforcement took was to inform the schools Title IX office about the alleged crimes detailed the social media post. Police Response to Kade Renfro Allegations