Briles Strikes Back

Sad what has happened up there, but, it is seems to be another game of attrition. I’m just going to sit back and see how this really all plays out for Baylor and Briles. Not going to end well either way for any of them.

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At the bottom of the page we are listed at 8th in the country. That’s still nice to see.

Scorched Earth.

Say bye bye to Baylor football


Shucks I was expecting

The Imperial March with the article …

“No Kendal … I AM your father!!!”

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How the pillars of dishonesty crumble in Waco land…

I hope Baylor enjoyed their dance with the devil

Briles’ Law Suit

Not to rain on any one’s parade, but remember that baylor’s bb program was thought DOA when one bb player killed another. They hired their current bb coach, and haven’t missed a bit, if not improved. baylor’s football program has updated facilities, a new stadium, and will have lots of money to throw at any one interested. They may survive, unless the DOJ and to some lesser extent the NCAA and the big 12-4+2 take some action. I don’t think the NCAA or the big 12-4+2 will do anything other than try to weather the storm of negative publicity. IMO

" baylor’s bb program was thought DOA"

Different era. Different circumstances. Today’s media will not forget, and any effort to “move forward” will be resisted with a continuous flow of negative reporting. Baylor faces a near impossible task. Forget about returning to the status of a Top 5 football program. Survival is the goal.

I agree with this. The media will jump all over them at the slightest hint of wrong doing. Also, as long as the assistant coaches are still on the sidelines the negative recruiting is going to be brutal. Their 2016 recruiting class is pretty much decimated and their 2017 class looks like it’ll be worst.

My point is not about Art, it is post-art. Some are saying that the Baylor program will sink into irrelevancy once Art is gone. That is what was said about the baylor bb program right after the murder and the NCAA infractions of Dave Bliss. It did not happen. It may happen to the fb program, but as I outlined previously it will have all those perks to throw at an interested candidate. Depending on the candidate, they may survive as long as the DOJ and the ncaa and the little 12 don’t get into the fray. My guess is that the ncaa and the little 12 will not. Again IMO.

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