Briles to interview at Tennessee

Just go already.


WTF interviewing tomorrow.

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Sign an extension and then start interviewing elsewhere? I don’t have a high opinion of that.


Fitting the vacancy was open when Tyson Helton left. Again a Helton will stick it to UH.

I think it was CMA that made it a policy, that as a recruit, if you commit to us, then he finds out you are visiting other schools, you are no longer a commit.

Apply the same to Briles. You signed an extension, now you are interviewing? Buh, Bye…

Can’t we find another OC that can run a version of a hurry up?


So you want us to pay Briles’ buyout? Or would you rather have FSU or Tennessee pay us for hiring Briles?


Firing him would be stupid. Not sure how you sell this to recruits though.

Of course they should pay for the buyout, but since he is looking, we should be looking for his replacement at the same time.

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Yes, but we can’t say Bye to Kendal. He’s here unless he takes the job. And then we’ll get paid.

Like Father, like son…FYI.


If our coaches aren’t content with the status quo I don’t want them thats how we ended up with that lifer Levine.


Sounds like history is repeating itself.


Let him go, he’s earned the raise of his picking; but anyone that can’t see that him talking to other schools immediately following a contract extension is poor character, clearly has tunnel vision. That’s almost like calling in and telling your boss that you might come to work tomorrow, the next day, or the next week, etc… Yes, leave the person in charge waiting on you…

I guess these situations should only be considered immoral if it’s during the season or a coach lies about it. This certainly is sketchy behavior.


Deja by all over again.

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We can’t blame coaches for taking a raise to do the same job at a different school. We all would do the same. There’s no more loyalty in sports or real life jobs. There’s can be some degree of loyalty but money will trump all. If someone offering CKB 1+ million per year for 3 years, why wouldn’t he take it. That’s 900k more than what we offered him. He would be stupid not to take it. Don’t blame him for our mediocre season next year if he leaves. Blame the people who hire CMA!!!


Still proud


Lol People keep minimizing the entire situation to taking a raise. It’s not that simple. What other coaches have signed an extension and then interviewed after?


These guys are pros, hired to do a job, nothing more or less. It’s Fantasy Island to think they have a deep love for UH that trumps all offers to advance in their chosen field…dislike it but that’s CFB $$$ today. That everyone wants him should say something


They’re desperate.

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Nobody wants to interview CMA? Pretty please?

Between the XFL and Briles buyout we’re gonna be rich!