Brison Gresham at TSU

Here’s Gresham vs BYU. Started last game.

Played 24 minutes. 12 pts. 9 rebounds



Texas Southern is expected to win the SWAC.

I wish he was still a Coog.


We had too much superior talent coming back, and coming in. Wise choice for him and his future.


I find it odd that he averages about the same amount of minutes as he did at UH. I thought he left because of playing time

I get why he didn’t return I just wish he was still a Coog. Our Bigs rotation would never tire out. lol

If he stays out of foul trouble he should play 20-25 minutes a game.

He’s Texas Southern’s best rebounder.

Good to know. Hope he kills it at TSU. may have to catch a game later this season. Miss the TSU concessions :slightly_smiling_face:


1st 3 games, didn’t play more than 15 minutes.

His last 2 games, both over 20 minutes

If he keeps putting up his numbers, he’ll stay on the floor.

12 pts. 9 rebounds is solid. Which he did to a good BYU team


I don’t think he would have gotten 20-25 minutes had he stayed this year….he wouldn’t be starting plus he would be behind Carlton and Roberts off the bench….10-12 maybe had he stayed….

Did the right thing for himself and I am glad he is playing well.

Cam Tyson doing well up at Seattle U.
15.8 ppg and 6.8 RPG ,42% from 3

Ced Alley about 7 and 7 at UTSA….


Not that it matters, but it looks like he’s still using his UH picture with the red tie.

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