Brison Gresham

He only scored two points but his play “popped” a lot to me against Oregon. 9 rebounds, 5 blocks, and 2 steals. He seems to be a great complementary guy for our outside shooters. We are going to be tough to beat if the 3s are falling and we are playing great defense.


He was my MVP for the game. He dominated the interior on defense in the 1st half and blocked a couple of Bol’s shots which seemed to rattle the big guy. 2nd half was more of the same as Gresham continued to swat 3 more shots.

While I think he’ll struggle when we face teams with more bulk inside, he’s come up huge the last two games against teams that rely more on speed. Definitely helps our versatility a lot.

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You never see him dragging up the court like some “big men”! Like CKS said he can really run. He is really quick,it shows up on his blocks!

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The only thing I saw from him that I didn’t like was him bringing the ball down after grabbing a rebound. But I love his rim protection and tenacity in tracking down rebounds. We certainly needed him against Oregon considering the foul trouble with our bigs. Sure wish Chris Harris could get it together. With the fouling tendency, we’re going to need all the useable bigs we can get.