Browns get Watson

Breaking news Watson to Browns

What are we getting in return?

Baker Mayfield since he wants out… I be willing to bet

Not quite sure yet but there are some strong noise for:
Three first round picks, two other assets and…

His mother is not included in the deal.


Browns made Watson an offer he couldn’t refuse.

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Five years guaranteed at $230M’s.
The dogs are all in

What do you think Bobby?



Rumor is Case Keenum for Watson. No other considerations.

I kid I kid. Hehehe

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3 1sr rd picks
1 3rd rd pick
1 4th rd pick

Browns get Watson and a 5th rd pick

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If the Browns are as good as expected, those picks will be in the 20’s.

Texans GM will have to earn his paycheck.

Wow, even better than what we got for D. Hopkins !


What a relief for all concerned that the Watson saga is over. I am surprised the Texans didn’t get Browns players along with the picks.

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Yep. I was hoping to also get Kareem Hunt or Nick Chubb. Rumor I heard is Carolina offered more. Watson had all the power. It wouldn’t surprise me if Watson decided where to go by who gave the Texans the worst offer. LOL

Watson’s no trade was a joke normally a player has to submit a list of teams he will approve a trade to but they manipulated it to Watson got to treat it like he was a free agent and he would only approve a trade to a team that broke the bank for a new contract. This is all on the Texans and thats what they get for the genius move of letting Bill O’Brien be the GM .


#13 this year. That should get them the best DT, LB or WR in the draft. 2nd best at some other position groups

Tankathon has them going WR.

Will Watson get a long personal conduct suspension? Case could get a bunch of starts.

Don’t be surprised if they trade down from #3 and take the DT from Georgia.

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They could trade down both #1s and rebuild the 2 deep. No worries about 2 many rookies to make the roster w their lack of talent.

They have 6 picks in the top 80 this year.

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That #3 pick could be traded down in the first round several times and still get some really important pieces to put around Mills and to beef up the defense. They could get a long term starting OL with a couple of picks in the 1st and 2nd rounds and still have first rounds picks to use for other players.