Bryson Smith give him a chance at QB

I have question. Was Bryson better QB then Ward at the same high school? He came to UH to play QB and follow Ward foot steps. What happen? Tune sucks give the kid a chance.


Thanks Pearland for the highlights. I haven’t given up on Tune, but those highlights are good. I just want us win.

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Remember when Bryson threw that 60 yard bomb vs Cincy and Holgerson said he didnt know Bryson could throw like that


QBs that successful at Houston tend to be dynamic and talented. Bryson fits that mold and if he had spent more time in the QBs room as Tune, I think he would be more successful on the field.


All time leading rusher for Tyler. 39 TD to 9 INT.
Should get a shot.


If he wants to play QB I think we will se him transfer this year…if he graduates he has 2 more years to play

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From the second quarter of the Tulane game through the Navy game Tune played pretty well. He was 20th in QBR going into the UCF game (he’s 40th now).

He played poorly but we had a couple of key drops, a few PIs we didn’t get, and he was missing 2 WRs. That bomb where he overthrew I think Bradley probably would have been a completion to Stevenson.

Maybe Bryson could have been good at QB if he’d been in the QB room the whole time, but last year he didn’t look real comfortable the few times he got snaps (he had the worst fumble I’ve ever seen at UH). The snaps here and there Ward got before replacing O’Korn, I remember Ward looking a lot more comfortable. The only reason Ward moved to WR was because after O’Korn’s freshman season it looked like he would be entrenched as a starter for the next 3 years. Also, just based on how Smith plays WR vs. Ward and King he doesn’t have the same level of elusiveness that those guys did, which is of course a high bar.

I’m not 100% sold Tune will be the long term answer at QB to reach the heights we want. But I’m 95% certain he’s our best chance to win games this year. In any event, if we’re going to roll the dice on a QB to replace Tune this season it likely would/should be Massoud.


Replace Dawson and the offense will look much better overall.


As always, the best QB is the one not starting.


Holgerson wants to run the Air Raid with balance. But the Air Raid requires outstanding OL play, having many receivers with NFL or close to NFL abilities, and an Outstanding QB with quality backups.

Kelvin Kolb and Case had NFL passing abilities, but the were also mobile and had high QB IQ. I remember that TCU game where Kolb passed for 400 yds and rushed for 100. If only we had a D. He could make quick reads and knew when to throw the ball away and play another down.

Case could also make good decisions but also could get the pass off quicker than most QB’s. I recall after the Penn State game reading where the All-American DT for Penn St. complained that UH had the weakest OL he had played against. But no matter how badly he defeated them and got into the backfield, Case had already released the pass. Total frustration.

There are not many Case Keenum’s out there and the taller ones are not wanting to attend UH. So our most recently successful teams usually have an O that allows QB runs by quick QB’s like Ward and King.

Yes Klingler and Andre Ware and other R & S QB’s were more traditional, (though Ware could run).But back in the SWC days UH could get many more outstanding tier 1 OL athletes than what UH can recruit in the American.

So QB mobility and type of plays must be designed with weak OL protection and QB escape ability in mind. It also helps to have an above average D that Ward enjoyed.

With all that, UH may in a few years get OL transfers, more DB and receiver transfer to go with our improving D UH could be as good as Cincinnati or UCF. Especially if they lose their HC’s to P5 schools. HAHA.

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I would give Tune another game or two to prove himself, and if failing, give Bryson an opportunity. I remember King was used as a WR in his first year and became a dynamic QB for UH. Perhaps Bryson would be a similar talent.


Bryson has played for two HCs and like a dozen OCs at UH and he’s been a WR under all of them. I’m guessing there is a reason.


I’ve heard that he’s a better receiver and utility player than college QB. That came from an insider here. I was told this is from ample testing.

Doesn’t mean he can’t do it. Just that coaches see his potential elsewhere.

When we are losing…I don’t trust the coaching staff’s judgment…when we are winning I still don’t necessarily trust it either but I do roll with it.

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If you don’t have blind faith in all the OCs and HCs that haven’t seen Smith as a QB that’s fine. But what basis is there for thinking he’s the answer at QB everyone is missing, especially just putting him in the lineup when he hasn’t really worked at QB in years? He put up some good numbers in high school but a lot of people do.

He wasn’t really recruited by many schools as a QB. Herman tried to flip him to UT when he went there but it was solely to be a WR and not a QB. Bryson demonstrated a pretty good arm a couple of times when he was a QB but did not look comfortable overall at all. When Ward got his snaps here and there behind O’Korn, Ward really did look like a legitimate QB.

Smith said he wants to just concentrate on being a WR. This was put to bed a long time ago.


Does this count as “we” foo ?


Like mentioned y’all need to tell Dana about the line and the need for a mobile qb. Maybe ask him about rotating 2 qbs with one mobile when we’re struggling . LSU does it a lot. They don’t mind rotating 2 qbs sometimes.


Ya’ll are acting like Tune isn’t mobile. We rotated Bryson in for a few plays here and there last year and it threw off the rhythm and didn’t go well in several instances.

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He didn’t do any good when he was in there. This ain’t high school.