Bryson Smith Highlights

ive seen too many realistic expectations around here so i thought id help change that…lol

a fellow coog fan talked me into making one for king…and while i was making one for king, i realized technically i have all the footage for all the WR (since king is throwing to them), so i slapped together something for them too since they are all returning…

so ill be putting out one for King, Stevenson, Lark, Corbin and Smith in the next few days…all but Stevenson and King are short

I dub it king and the 4 horsemen

first up Smith:


  1. its all rappity rap for the old folks here, players complain when i use theatrical music lol some of the songs were actually chosen by the player

  2. the quality of footage are way lower than normal, UH stopped releasing their 4 min highlights, there is no 8 min lakes footage per game like before…so i mostly had to use game film available on the internet and half of that is low definition


I love the rap songs, never change that pesik

Great work. Thank you.

Rapity rap :joy::joy::joy:

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Nice work Pesik!

Good stuff… and unless it’s up for an award or something… who gives a schlitz what people think about the music or anything.