Built differently!

Ok please excuse my ignorance. I have always rooted for UH being from Houston. But I have only been a hardcore fan for past couple years because I now attended UH. But is this team really the best team we had the past 4 years? I know Rob gray and David and Galen had some hell of a teams. But I feel like this team is just built different, just absolutely resilient. I have no words for how impressed I am with this team. Am I just having recency bias ? Or is this team really built different from the last 4-5 years? Is it just more talent? Again just generally asking I don’t want to be talking out my ass :joy::joy:

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I think last year had more scoring talent but this year has just a little extra grit and chemistry, and it’s grown through the season.

I didn’t think that we could make that sort of comeback without a Rob Gray, Corey Davis, or Armoni Brooks. I’m glad that I was wrong!

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Imagine if Nate Hinton was still with the team.

We are attracting more talent. Plain and simple.

Otherwise, how would any program survive the lost of the talent of a Hinton and Mills?

UH is becoming a program that reloads rather than rebuilds.


Every year the talent in the program has improved. Sampson does a good job spreading out scholarships between recruiting classes. The result is that we lose key players every year but we always have some carry over year to year. Thats why our culture is so rock solid. There’s always a few upperclassmen to show the new guys how its done.


Depth…it’s not that the players are necessarily better it’s that we have more of them. the players coming off the bench are just as talented as the starters…the starters have more experience and seasoning but you don’t see a huge drop off…Tramon “Mr March” Mark and Chaney are prime examples
This is where we separate from most other teams

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The 2018-19 team to me was better due to depth and shooting. They beat Oregon, LSU, Okie St, St Louis, Ohio St and won a much tougher conf by 2 games. That team had the below players coming off the bench:

Alley(before he lost confidence)

The current team is relying on Grimes and Jarreau to play huge mins. I do think the current guard group is more equipped for a long run due to better size and versatility.

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