Bye Week - Do we win out?

  • 2-0
  • 1-1 loss to Tulane
  • 1-1 loss to Navy
  • 0-2

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With a week off and two option teams coming up, yeah we win out!

Yep. Tulane Isnt very good and Navy isn’t the same team they’ve been the last two years.

I know how people feel about the secondary this year and D’Onofrio’s scheme, but he has actually ensured that an inexperienced group of DBs doesn’t get burned. I don’t understand a 10-yd cushion on 3rd and 2, but we have held multiple offenses to their lowest point totals of the year.

D’Onofrio has a lot of experience facing the triple option when he was at Temple and Miami. I think we will be okay.

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I feel much better playing running teams than passing teams.

This is true. So far, we seem to have a much better run defense than pass defense. Of course, the triple option is a different scheme.

IF we win out and go 9-3 what are the chances that’ll we’ll be ranked at the end of the season?

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It’s going to depend on how Navy finishes the year. With a loss to Temple this week, it hurts our chances of being ranked.

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IMO, our ranking at the end of the season is less important to how we finish the season.

Recruits are smart. They read results. They study programs. They listen to recruiting hype.

They’ll know that the UTSA was cancelled. They’ll know about Harvey. They’ll know about D’Eriq King and the impact he’s had one the offense and season.

They already know about Oliver. Every week Oliver is a one man marketing program for UH.

King and Oliver makes for a 2018 recruiting advantage for UH.

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If we win out and beat a P5 team in a bowl game, we might get ranked. Otherwise, probably just receive some votes.

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Not likely.