Byron Vaughns

Utah State LB via UT

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He didn’t commit.

What does “offer accepted” mean, then?

Not what it sounds like apparently. He says it a lot if you look at his timeline.


He accepted USC’s, Notre Dame’s and a few other offers.

Just something to feel wanted - so if someone offers and he’s not considering he doesn’t say anything or offer not accepted?

We tried to land him last year before he went to Utah state

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How many years does he have ? 2 maybe

I wonder how many prom dates he had?


Dude needs to learn the definition of accepted. Been to 2 colleges and still hasn’t got it right.


Well to be fair, he was accepted to both.

So we think Byron believes “accepted” means “acknowledged”? Interesting.

Must be one helluva LB.

College athletics sold away academic standards for athletic ability decades ago and are still doing it for even more money

Look at how many academic advisors teams have just to “monitor” if a kid is doing his work - that’s why so many kids struggle when they leave college now cause they’ve had their hands held for years

This is college - either you do or don’t