BYU and Houston to Big12 tweet

What a random twitter account…but he/she has been right before.

Apparently, this person has inside information on BYU. It wouldn’t surprise me to have that timing as both BYU and Houston are in big games. It would add to the drama and overshadow the other conferences. Everyone would be talking BigXII instead of the games.

Poppin’ Bottles Saturday?

Awesome. But I wish they would wait until Sunday, after a Cougar victory. :sunglasses:

It just doesn’t line up with what the conference has stated…Color me skeptical.

BS !

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The conference hasn’t stated anything.

The conference has said nothing since the initial announcement. Everything since has been rumor. This week Bowlsby said something to the effect of, “We haven’t said anything and that isn’t changing now”.

I am not saying that the tweet is true, just stating that everything has been contributed to “sources” so far. I am skeptical as well, but I would rather get this over with sooner rather than later.

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This is so tiresome! Wait - wait - wait - invite applications from half the country - then wait - wait - wait some more!

And then, if they even decide to expand, they will be in a position where they can offer membership to a couple of “victims” with the most onerous of entry terms - and tell them to “take it or leave it - if you refuse, we have plenty of alternatives.”

That conference is the biggest attention-getting whore in the world! The longer they can hold off on a decision, the better, as far as they are concerned. In the end, it would not surprise me one bit if the decision is to stay at ten members!


I liked the one comment to a Big XII expansion story that said Bowlsby should sit a table with hats from the 12 remaining and then pick up the hats of those chosen…possibly starting to pick up one and then setting it down like the recruits like to do. Maybe ESPN is going to air “The Decision”…

Wear jacket and pull away pants. Coogs on top and Cougs on bottom.


Could be a chance to invite #11 and #12. They can say the evaluation of the candidate pool continues in the quest for possible #13 and #14.

I’ve heard that attention whores can be attractive to consider. That’s just what I’ve heard.

Mid-to-Late October – maybe around the ~20th? – that’s when I think we’ll hear…

We know the Big 12 is still evaluating candidates. Presidents have to meet and vote. This just isn’t true.

What I really want to hear is “Big-12 invites Houston,” and Houston says, “Sorry, the ACC came calling.” Not really but it’s a thought.


We don’t know much. But many have speculated and echoed the speculators.

While I don’t believe the tweet that started this, your reasoning is something that popped in my head after hearing of the candidates after the “first cut.” It would make sense that the Big 12 knows which 2 to invite, but they may also be looking down the road at who to invite later. If they are to start a conference network, they will need inventory, but this also could be a look toward the future if OU/UT (or more) leave the conference.

Big 12 prez’s meeting is in mid October…likely that is when decisions will be made.With people like CSU and Air Force still out there, i am interested to see if that spurs a move to 14, with some western partner for BYU…
Really hope they go to 14, with Houston, BYU, Air Force, and either Cincy or UCF…Pretty solid group.

Rumor has it that a video is being prepared to announce our entry into Big 12. The hope is to release it in NRG.

I also heard it isn’t such a good deal financially. In fact, what I heard sounded punative.