Bought them a loss…


Was it a buy game?

BYU usually schedules all the Utah schools for their non conference.

(Utah, Utah St, Utah Valley, Weber St)

Either way. They played terrible. Shot like 32% for the game.

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Utah Valley? What are they? DII, JUCO?

Utah Valley plays in the WAC

With New Mexico St, Abilene Christian, Stephen F Austin, etc

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Just because you schedule a cupcake every year doesn’t mean you don’t EXPECT to BUY a W…

The point is how the hell did they lose to Utah Valley…


If you check their fans Twitter feed, they feel the same way. Shot like 32% for the game.

Utah Valley is ranked like 150+ on KenPom, so terrible loss for BYU

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I was expecting to see UVU with a ridiculous 3 pt FG %… But they only shot around 26%…

Never underestimate your competition!

That game was at Utah Valley so I don’t think it was a buy game plus it’s only 13 minutes from the BYU campus.


The BUY part means the team expected to lose, UVU, schedules the game to make $$$ even though they SHOULD expect a defeat…

Doesn’t have to be at home… But normally is.

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BUY GAME-- where a team from a Major Conference schds n pays a team from a lower Conf to come play at their Home arena.

Jon Rothstein-- " Washington loses a Buy game to Winthrop. The epitome of brutality" .

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This would be the same as UH playing a game at TSU so they can make $ on tickets and concessions but you would still expect a “home” crowd for the Coogs AND a W for the Coogs… In my opinion that is the same thing as paying that team that is expected to lose to come to your arena…

Anyway, y’all are missing the point… BYU lost to a scrub team.

Not sure who y’all is. I simply gave you definition of what is defined as a “Buy Game” in College Basketball .
Good day Sir!

Yeah… It’s a game where a team schedules an opponent that they SHOULD lose to in order to make $$$.

Your Rothstein quote doesn’t support your supposed definition… Good day.

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Kyle really it’s ok. I have to get ready for long day but one more time the definition of “Buy Game” is paying a Team to come to your arena, nothing to do w how many $$$ you’re going to make. It’s abt putting WWWW’s on your recrd. Matter of fact the opposite usually happens say in respect to UH when they schd AlcornSt, Bryant at HOME, nobody shows up so less $$ on parking, concessions, tiks etc.
Ok you can hash it out w other members, I simply giving u def of “BUY GAME”.
Good day!!!


Yes Rothstein uses it in a Tweet everytime a Power Conf team loses a “Buy Game” – Home game to a Team from a smaller Conf that they - Power Conf Team paid to come into their arena.

Edit: It’s not usually a lot of money. It can be something as simple as UH paying all food n lodging say when AlcornSt or Bryant comes to Town. Maybe even Air Fare. Those schools have very sm budgets n gives them a chance for exposure etc. Win/win for both sides but in some cases “The epitome of brutality” happens.

A “Buy Game” comes from the fact that you are paying an opponent a bunch of money to come play you. Lots of smaller schools athletic budgets are in part based on checks they get to go play at Bama or Ohio State or insert massive CFB school. When it comes to basketball I have no idea how much teams are paying for teams to come play.


Yes THIS! In FOOTBALL the $$$ can be bigger , but in Basketball w more Buy Games done it can be smaller scale $$ w ex I used in prev post.
When SHSU goes to play UT in Football at AUSTIN it’s Big $$$$ for their annual Budget. Many many other ex of course.
Alright … all good here.

Okay, okay, okay… We’ll call this a FAVOR game as it accomplishes the same objective as a BUY game at home…

Big school expects an easy W… Small school makes $.

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The difference between playing home vs away is an 8 point swing. It’s one of the reasons you don’t see most top programs playing a lot of away games, especially against other good teams. They tend to schedule one out of conference just to get their feet wet. Otherwise it’s neutral sites and buy games at home.