BYU Cougar stopping by to say hello

Looking forward to playing you this year (assuming it all works out). I expect my Cougs will get mauled by your Coogs, but that’s why we play the game.

I’ll step away until we’re closer to game day but here’s to a great season for both teams, know that I root for you guys always (except when you play us obviously), and I look forward to the cat fight!

Thanks to your AD for giving us a chance to play each other.


I still don’t understand why you guys just don’t join the AAC in football.

Your seasons would mean so much more for your fan base every year. Y’all are really missing out.

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Because of The Utes. Utah is Pac 12, BYU couldn’t bear being MWC or AAC and the Big 12 won’t take them.

So going Indy was the only option.

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Pretty much spot on here.

BYU has a lot going for it and a lot of issues. With the increasing separation between the haves and the have nots, independence was the most viable of a lot of poor options.

Add in a good ESPN deal and that put more money into the school than staying with any conference.

But I do miss conference play.


Rob, I will tell you that when we played at your place a few years ago (shoot 5-6, I forget…), that my wife and another UH couple went and had a great time…your fans could not have been nicer to us. I think we lost by 5 points.
You have a great venue, great fans, and should be proud. Hope we have extended series with you guys !


I was at that game. The way you played, the heart, the sportsmanship, everything made me realize what a classy fan base you are. That’s when I first started truly appreciating the Coogs, I’ve followed you with much interest ever since.


Get you guys and Boise St in the AAC, more $$$ and legit Power level conference.

Looking forward to the game, even if y’all stay independent, this should be an annual game.

Good luck this season!