BYU Fan here

Hey y’all (I’m from Florida).

Assuming this all works out with the B12, I just want to say congratulations to UH.

UH is a great team and us other Cougars look forward to continuing off from our last encounter with y’all.



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I always thought of our BYU games as big time. BYU brings gravitas. Looking forward to seeing a basketball game in that arena.

Not looking forward to those steep bleachers in the football stadium again, though.


BYU is all sports? I hope so.
Looking forward to the “Four Horseman” joining the “Irate8.”

I’m in Clearwater, FL.


UH is a game BYU fans dread. It’s no secret that you guys produce big, nasty, physical talent.

I think UH will do just fine in the B12.


That’s what it sounds like.

I recently moved from Naples to Phoenix.

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I’ve been wanting BYU to come to the AAC for years because our games have been so competitive in Football and Basketball.

I look forward to a good Coog vs Coug RIVALRY!


A large percentage of our fans wanted to make that move. I think at one point, the AAC may have extended an invite but I don’t have any sources to support that.

If I’m not wrong, didn’t UH just soak a ton of money into their athletic facilities? That’ll make for some fun experiences.

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UH has been investing millions of dollars into its athletic facilities for the past ten years. (New Football Stadium; New Indoor Football Facility; New Basketball Arena; New Baseball Facility; etc) I think that is a big reason we’re finally moving up.


New banked indoor track, only 4 of them in the country. New bsseball training facility, and the largest scoreboard in all of baseball

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Makes sense. BYU has been upgrading their stadium and facilities the past few years.

365 Sports was reporting today that the B12 cut to each school could be between $20-25 million. Add in booster money and other streams of revenue and some pretty cool things could happen at each of these schools.

BYU is the big get. I’m pretty sure the American had tried in vain to them to join. I think it makes the add ins more legit.


Don’t forget new swim and diving with a top notch rec center.

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Loved playing BYU. Those games were tough and fun to watch.

Classy fans too. I’m glad BYU is coming to the Big12


UH has invested heavily in facilities, now that its joining a league with BYU, we need to invest in the best knee braces.

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Hi Byu fan, going to start our rivalry off with a joke. Next time we play you guys at tdecu we are going to run a ticket special: Bring one wife and the second one gets in free. I kid, I kid!



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Thanks OtherCoug, we are looking forward to games against you guys. I am hoping we will be in the same division, so that would happen. My preference for divisions would be East – West like this:

Oklahoma State
Texas Tech

Iowa State
Kansas State
West Virginia

Of course there could be North – South divisions like:
North: BYU, Cincinnati, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, West Virginia
South: Baylor, Houston, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech, UCF

The only advantage to the North - South scenario is we could meet in the conference championship games.

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Game Day mentioned the BYU game and called them a future Big 12 member. Not potential, rumored, or possible.


2 schools that I really want us to be in the division with is BYU and BU. Don’t care much for TCU and Tech much.

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