BYU-LSU attendance

Lower level 50 yard line tickets still available! Very surprised.

UH/OU didn’t sell out until 3 days before the game which was the same as LSU the year before. But If I remember correctly there were only upper, 600 level, end zone seats available the week before.

We respect all faiths on coogfans. Thank you guys for your posts.

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I find it interesting that LSU gets 6 hours to tailgate and we only got 4 hours.

Guess BYU played very vanilla today to not show LSU anything. It wasn’t an impressive win over Portland State.

Some people are just plain slow? :sunglasses:

Officials are weighing several options for a potential relocation of the Tigers-Cougars game, including playing it in LSU’s Tiger Stadium or in the Superdome, multiple sources confirmed to The Advocate. A move seems more than likely, something that Alleva confirmed in his statement.

“Almost certainly it will not be played in Houston. He has not been told that officially, but he is almost certain the game will not be able to be played in Houston on Saturday,” Bill Franques, an athletic department spokesman, said Sunday night, citing Alleva.

LSU won’t have any fans in Houston.

Play it in Utah. The storms are headed to Louisiana.