BYU-LSU attendance

Not much UH content, but curious to see what the attendance for this game will be compared to last year’s Kickoff game. According to the LSU beat writer, LSU hasn’t sold out their allotment of 25K tickets while BYU has sold out their allotment of 9.5K tickets “and then some.”

Even with a good fanbase, BYU was only able to fill up one side of NRG’s lower level when we played them there in 2013.

Looks like several thousand tickets remain. BYU side and end zones.

I would be surprised if this is not a sell out.

I would be shocked if this game isn’t SRO with rabid LSU fans…

I’ll be surprised if it’s sold out. BYU ain’t Wisconsin.

I assume LSU is selling their 25K tickets through their ticket office. That does not include the thousands of lSU fans who bought theirs through the NRG ticket office, or whatever they use. I know my nephew didn’t buy his through LSU.

No, they aren’t. They travel better.

I only support the AAC team’s. #P6

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For the benefit of all promoters of this event:

If the opponent for LSU were the UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, it would be a sellout!



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Thanks - darn typing fingers! Fixed now.

BYU always has a great showing because the regional LDS churches push
their congregations to attend…no matter where the game is played or apponnet.

No they don’t. That is ridiculous. It is because anyone who graduates from BYU-Idaho, BYU-Provo, or BYU-Hawaii, which is a lot of graduates, roots for them.

I have a Mormon friend that has no interest in football but went to the UH vs BYU game along with 20 other folks. It happens.

With 20 others? So his 4 wives and 16 children? :slight_smile:


I’m Mormon and even I think that is funny.

My issue is with the word “push”. The only reason so many show up is because so many graduated from there. I have never been pushed or ever seen someone pushed to go to a BYU game.

If he said Roman Catholic I would have ask if the 20 included his wife and 19 children so definitely wasn’t meant to be picking on anyone.


I believe Wisconsin travels better than BYU.