BYU will host Houston as part of its non-conference schedule in 2018-19


i can dig it. should be a nice win if we can beat them on the road. i hope our home non conference schedule bring in some good opponents.

I think LSU and Saint Louis come to town. Both should be good. Saint Louis got two top 150 players in 2017, and landed another top 75 in 2018.

And LSU landed four top 60 players for 2018. They bring in a top 5 recruiting class. To go along with Waters. They should be very good.


Yep, both should be coming here.

David Rose

That would be nice but a lot of us just go to see the Coogs and not the other guys

playing them away is a BLESSING, byu has little chance of being in the top 40 rpi next season

but will almost certainly be in the top 75

those unfamiliar, quad 1 wins are the most valuable wins to the committee, those are wins vs top 40 rpi teams at home, or top 75 rpi wins away

my hope for the rest of the schedule is 3 more quality games (atleast 2 of which where in the tourney last year. *not counting auto-bids)
if we can get 2 of those 3 in the tourney we play would be ideal…
that will atleast get us back to last years ooc level (which wasn’t even great)

st louis should be 75-100 rpi-ish
byu should be around 55-75 rpi-ish
lsu should be top 30 rpi (but we’ve been saying that for years and every year they let us down)

If we get two more tourney teams on our schedule then our schedule OOC is way better this year than it was last. That would be five top 100 RPI games OOC. We only had three this season.

note my rpi projections are built with optimism…we are “hoping” lsu, byu and st louis all have huge turnarounds…
noting that lsu the last 3 times we played them was supposed to be good, and they always end up flopping. st louis was supposed to be good last year too

im comparing last years schedule to this years schedule on how both looked preseason

We had St Louis and LSU last year (again this year)…
Providence and Arkansas (Both regular tourney teams), and Wake a regular tourney team (who had a down year last year)

we don’t want to go into next season needing everyone to have a good year, as i can almost guarantee someone is going to let us down.

That’s fair.

Just mentioning his name. As a member of great Cougar teams, and now having a long tenure as a coach, it’s great to see him and making an impact. Thanks Captain Obvious.