BYU's AD Tom Holmoe on Big 12


Uhhh … four + minutes of wasted time …

Homie Holmoe said absolutely nothing other than BYU has NO CLUE what the Big12 is thinking but his mt cougs are hoping.

Maybe they both should visit this board for better information.

Last we heard none of the Big12 prez’s were interested in expansion as most suspect this conference call they are having is just going through the motions of pretending to fool everyone otherwise.

As for BYU … their new HC is untested … a former defensive coach from Oregon St (never really known for their defense) Kalani Sitake … a polynesian born on the island of Tonga who played RB at Provo … which has to be a first in DivIA football. Tonga is the furthest east island from Australia … so far east that neither the Japanese nor Americans I suspect bothered about it during WWII.

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where does ANYONE get that no Big 12 prez’s are interested in expansion, because that certainly isnt true…Boren and OU and the WVU prez couldnt be much more vocal about wanting it and there are others as well…There are also fence sitters…The ONLY school i have heard to publicly come out and say they dont want it is TCU…No surprise, since expansion threatens their current status more than anyone. Given the money being offered them to expand, it will be interesting to see what they finally do…

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