BYU's Incredible NIL Agreement

All walk ONS get tuition paid[](

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I thought that schools were prohibited from arranging NILs.

The Wild West


Creative way to get around scholarship limits. Why didn’t we think of that.


HA! You can’t be serious. We all knew this was going to happen. :imp:


BYU didn’t. company arranged it. BYU has some deep-pocketed alumni.

If we can get a few winning seasons back to back, the Houston business money will roll in for our guys.

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It seems like local businesses wanting legitimate marketing value will be a small part of it. Mostly seems like a way for rich business-owning alums to funnel cash regardless of market value of the endorsement.


Exactly, under the table money will now be over the table.

Herein is the real reason why UH has struggled over the years. With the monied alums and the quantity we have in Houston alone you’d think our kids would be rolling in dough right now.


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I don’t know if it is a state of Texas rule or an NCAA one, but one says that endorsements must be tied with the value of what is being paid. Any guesses of if that will ever be reviewed by the NCAA for any NIL payments.

Some schools will make things happen, some will watch things happen, and UH will wonder what happened. At least if history is any indication.

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I have a general feeling Byu is like Nebraska when Neb had the country ships and many partial qualifiers. Byu seems to find other routes to success that we don’t have yet. For one, there players are older generally bc of their missions.