Caitlin Clark

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Oh, that was the year that the college champ was good enough to beat the last place pro team!

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“Caitlin Clark is a thug and should banned from playing basketball. Dirty player.”-

Hogs usually weigh 300-600 lbs. No way she weighs that much.

It seems like very time I put on ESPN, they’re covering the women’s tournament. They are “all in” on women’s athletics. They actually have a girls high school basketball game on as I type this.

They own the rights to the wncaa tourney and CBS has the NCAA tournament. Pretty obvious which one they would hype


I don’t watch a lot of women’s basketball. Most of what I’ve seen is catching parts of UH women’s games.

I watched the second half of the Iowa-UConn game last night. It’s pretty amazing the difference in talent level between those top teams and everyone else in women’s basketball.

It’s clear there’s a dearth of talent, not enough for everyone to play entertaining basketball. But those top teams are pretty damn good.

Until Houston reaches that talent level, I won’t be watching more than ten minutes of a random game on a random weeknight.

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Don’t typically watch WBB but I did watch some of the UConn/Iowa game last night. UConn kind of got the Houston treatment from the officials. Should’ve won but it was obvious the refs weren’t going to let Clark not make the final. Pretty enjoyable game overall though.

This lady has done wonders for women’s college basketball. I tuned in this year expecting to see a gunner, but what I saw was a damned good BASKETBALL PLAYER. The kid is amazing!


I watched a decent amount last night, there were quite a few favorable Iowa calls/no calls. Weirdly enough the call getting the most controversy seems like one of the least controversial calls if it wasn’t made in the last 30 seconds.

If your “refs” comment was aimed at the last foul, when UH got a similar foul, the explanation was the screener had to have their feet about the width of their shoulders. The lady the foul was called on had her feet about the width of the length of her legs and she definitely extended her knee to cause the block. Definite foul. Obvious foul. Deliberate foul. The official was correct to call that blatant foul.

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Wasn’t talking about the screen. Just felt like they got a lot of calls in the 2nd half. Thought UConn was the better team and got robbed of a chance at playing for a title.

Edit: and if you think there wasn’t a favorable whistle that’s fine. I’m not invested enough in either team to really want to debate it but I do think it’s interesting that on the year both teams averaged 14.4 fouls a game and in that game Iowa had 9 fewer fouls called on them and got to shoot 10 more FTs. Seemed like a favorable whistle to me and I was a pretty neutral observer.

West Virginia got robbed before UConn.

The refs didn’t call travel on Arnold of UConn with 10 minutes or less left in the UConn - Iowa game. Looked like she switched pivot foot to me before making the layup. The foul on the screen at the end of the game, moving pick, left leg, arms up.

76k a yr but it says she can make money with sponsors and if she markets the wnba up to 250k a yr.

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Caitlin Clark will be making a couple mil in endorsements next yr. “250k”??? Seriously???


Prob the 250k is thru marketing the wnba only if she wants to but I’d agree she could make more with endorsements. I was just shocked that the # 1 pick only got 76k from the league.

That’s why for years the top players go play Internationally during the WNBA off season.

They get paid more than their WNBA salary.