Caleb Mills - Freshman of the week


Well deserved!

Until the other “leaders” step up and take charge, I say give the ball to Caleb and let him dazzle. He is a weapon…and I think we’ve only scratched the surface at how good he’s going to be.

This kid can create space and get shots off better than anyone on the team right now. Once he picks up the defense, I expect to see more FOW honors for him this year.

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Sampson said from the get go that young Mills was one of the best, if not the best, scoring machines he has recruited. He has that uncanny ability to get inside, even against a zone, and hit that step back jumper.
His defense is getting better and he is hustling and will continue to get better. I love his game and his future as he has so much untapped ability.
When he handles the ball down the court at times he looks a little nervous, but I guess that might have something to do with him being a freshman lol…
Like Hinton, Mills is going to have off nights…just like Sasser. But with that said, I would not trade that trio for any other young bunch…


While he’s far, far from a finished product, his defensive improvement over the past month has been encouraging. He’s working hard on D. Still doesn’t appear instinctual and he obviously needs 20 more pounds of muscle, but the effort and hustle are there. Promising talent.


Agree fully. I think that people get upset when a young team is inconsistent but hey, that’s typical.

When the older guys don’t produce and the young guys don’t either it is an object lesson to the young ones about not totally relying on the upperclassmen. When the elders perform well there is less pressure and the youth will naturally have more confidence.

I wonder sometimes if CKS has certain players sandbag to see how others react and use that to teach.

Gotta get Deeky back into his confident self. Our Seniors probably made it easier for him last year but this year he IS an elder.

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Even at his most careless Mills is handling the ball better than Deeky. I lift my feet off the floor when he dribbles out to the point and starts to head towards the paint.

I love the kid. He has no fear.


Deeky needs someone else to distract the opposition.

Mills has been as advertised so far offensively. Defense is getting better as well.

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If this kid keeps the current upward trajectory, he could be one of the top ten players in America next season. He is incredibly talented and it is becoming a thing of beauty to watch when he starts going off.

Let’s don’t get too carried away. Hopefully, Mills will develop into an all AAC player by his junior year.

Carried away? The kid is balling with potential to be All AAC THIS year if given the opportunity. He is a SCORING machine.


Offensively, Mills needs to work on his handles. For being such a smooth scorer, I cringe every time he dribbles behind his back. But I love the way he attacks the basket and finishes in the paint. I see flashes of Rob Gray in him.

Stop!..Cringing when C Mills dribbles the ball?


Would love to see your physical reaction to C Harris dribbling the ball.



Wait a minute. Are you saying I should have the same ball handling expectations for Mills and Harris? I’m really confused here.

Not surprised at your “confused” reaction. You just said that you cringe when C Mills dribbles the ball.

Have you not seen how many times he’s lost his move toward the basket or turned the ball over when trying that behind the back dribble, which is what I was specifically talking about earlier? Not sure how it turned into me cringing every time he dribbles, and I’m really not sure what any of this has to do with Chris Harris, who is a center and not a guard. But if it makes you feel better, yes, I also cringe when Harris tries to dribble. But this thread is about Mills, not Harris.

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IMHO, we should wait to see how Caleb Mills continues to develop his overall game and how well he performs during conference play against teams like Wichita State, Cincinnati and Memphis, and then in the AAC tourney up in Fort Worth before we declare him to be a potential first team all AAC player.

He does seem to have an excellent chance to be named to the AAC all Freshman team this year - like Nate Hinton last year.