For oldtimers like myself and not-so-oldtimers, is he the most offensively-talented freshman guard we’ve had since Otis and Rob Williams? Caleb’s not in their class yet even as freshmen but I’ve had a hard time coming up with another player. Mike Young and Bennie were guards as well, so let’s just say the post-PSJ era.

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Maybe in a year or two he will be able to run an isolation style offense.

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Broodo might be the most under rated player on the team. He’s shooting 100% on the season.


Nice one Ben!:grinning:

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I’m not sure who the best player on this team is, but Caleb is by far the best scorer.


That turnaround jumper is a real weapon.

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Have to agree…Foster and Penders mainly brought in JC guards…Foster did bring in a talented frosh from Fort Worth named Derrick Daniels who was a very talented point guard…but he was not known for his shooting…I think Foster also brought in a talented freshman named Brown, not a great shooter but good on defense and decent on offense. He transferred and started somewhere I can’t remember for three years…
Being mentioned in the same breath of Birdsong and Rob Williams obviously means Mills is a special player…
In all fairness, Rob Williams IMO is the best point guard to ever play here. Birdsong was more of an off guard but used a lot at the point. Birdsong could drift through the lane and launch a shot about anytime he wanted.
Williams was a Globetrotter in a Coog uniform…a magician with the ball in his hands, great driver and disher, and a better outside shooter than Birdsong…
All that to say this…Mills is special…


Those two were special, and Caleb has a long way to go to be compared

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Best since Treva Crosby…kidding


X3 here. Rob W was an amazing PG and Birdsong really a 2.

Mills is a special talent at creating his own shot but he needs work on other aspects of his game. Rob and Otis both made others on their teams better.

Mills deserves to be in the discussion with Rob W and Otis but hasn’t gotten there yet but potentially can.

He has that type of potential with all the players mentioned except Birdsong. Otis averaged 30 points a game before there was a 3 point shot and was a member of the all Southwest Conference Decade Team. Not in that class just yet.

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I think a more slender version of Aubrey Coleman is the better comparison. Aubrey had the more developed body obviously, hopefully Caleb can get thicker.

Both very adept at getting buckets.

I saw him miss a shot this year.

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Young played the 3.

But would be considered a guard in today’s game. The backcourt would be the PG along with Mike and Clyde.

BTW, Clyde was the 4 his freshman year.

IMO Hinton is the best player on the team. But almost any of the ten can be the best player any given game.


IIRC, in 1980-81 - Fr. Clyde Drexler & Fr. Micheal Young were the first two freshman players to ever start at forward for our former UH head coach Guy V. Lewis.

The starting guards on that team were So. Rob Williams & Jr. Lynden Rose. That year, we played with So. Larry Micheaux and/or So. David Bunce in the lane. Talk about a young team.

Then, Akeem Olajuwon and Benny Anders showed up the next year and Phi Slama Jama was birthed.