Calling all Cougars: Attend the games

Calling all Cougars: Attend the games


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We struggled with attendance? It was an improvement from the Levine years. I don’t think people realize what the previous staff did to our momentum as a program. Herman and company had to fight through that mess and rebuild not just the football team but the fan base. I think It caught everyone by surprise.


We didn’t’ struggle in attendance. This is why I don’t like Herman’s strategy in calling out the fans to attend. He did it last year and several news sources have used it to make it sound like we had attendance problems all year long when we sold out half our games. The Tenn Tech and the Thursday night SMU game with Texans playing the Colts at the same time dragged down our average and it was still more than capacity at the ol’ Rob.

We did have attendance problems last year. We didn’t sell out the Championship game vs. Temple.

I think we may have sold out Memphis but that’s 1 out of 8 at TDECU.

Date Time Opponent# Attendance
5-Sep 7:00 p.m. Tennessee Tech* 30,479
26-Sep 7:00 p.m. Texas State* 35,257
8-Oct 7:00 p.m. SMU 25,204
31-Oct 6:00 p.m. Vanderbilt* 29,565
7-Nov 2:30 p.m. Cincinnati 32,889
14-Nov 6:00 p.m. No. 25 Memphis 42,159
27-Nov 11:00 a.m. No. 16 Navy 40,562
5-Dec 11:00 a.m. No. 20 Temple 35,721

Yeah, even the PAC12 has problems selling out their title game. With one week to sell tickets to the participants, it isn’t easy to do. Essentially we sold 5,000 tickets a day. That is pretty damn good.

From what I recall the championship game was a cluster hump in terms of ticket management with word spreading that it had sold out and ticket master (or someone) buying goobs of tickets and then reselling them at inflated values that no one knew what was going on. It was a perfect storm of crap when we should have been on point. Hopefully we learned our lessons.


Wrongly or rightly, students and Coach Herman have no idea about previous attendance struggles. 30k being called a struggle to us who remember the dark days of The Rob is downright laughable in comparison. I guess it is a positive that they see it that way because this new generation will think they have an obligation to be at every game, regardless of record or opponent. I think Coach’s comments are mostly pointed at young alums and students to set the table for the future. I am just assuming here though.

I was a student at UH from 1998-2002. I vividly remember being part of the Bleacher Creatures at football games where there was maybe a couple hundred students. There were a few of us rabid fans, but the Rob looked mostly like a 3A high school football game attendance-wise. So talking about our “attendance struggles” last year is downright laughable to me. Kind of like Drayton McLane’s winding down years with the Astros, we had a few successive coaches and administrators that all but destroyed any remaining love people had for the Coogs. What the current administration and coaches have been able to do in a few short years is nothing short of amazing.


Spot on. You and I must have been in the stands together too.

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Here’s the rub, there are enough sports fans in this city to sell out UH, texans and Astros on the same night.

I have always gone to the games to support the players, they deserve it. Hell, I’m flying in from Florida tomorrow and it is not to see Lamar, though I do expect them to play hard.


I remember a lot of people stating that the game was sold out when it wasn’t. It was totally mismanaged and the sales weren’t bad.

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Well, I made the one game this year that I was in town for (Oklahoma).

Living and working in Hawaii will likely make it impossible for me to attend any other games.


Expect More. We have to have higher expectations.

Like Herman said about the Football program mentality, if you are content playing in the Weedwacker Bowl then go to SMU.

As fans, We have to expect more from ourselves & our fellow fans.

If for some reason you can’t go to the game…send a proxy in your place. But a ticket and send a friend to represent your spot in the stands. This would go a long way!


You PC Temple, bro? A whole section of them just made me, ughhhh


How far we’ve come: we’re about to sellout a game against a FCS opponent at 11 am with the Astros/Cubs, with both teams in the playoff race, playing at the same time as well as the Aggies playing just up the road.

We’ve definitely come a long way.

Edit to add: And with the threat of rain.

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