Cam Ward graduates December

Maybe we could get this West Columbia, Texas Native to return home to save his folks’ some money on travel.

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NFL ??!

I don’t know whether he has any College eligibility left.

I like the movement and extending of plays. Kinda miss that wide open football.

It was down to UH and Washington state when he transferred last time. I don’t see why he would choose us now

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First, that is not the scheme. Second, the current scheme is perfect if the players and coaches were supported with more fan support.

And last, it doesn’t make sense

I don’t think fan support is a factor but that may be just me.

What bugs me most is insisting on run success when it is obvious it won’t happen and standing in the pocket after it no longer exists.

The first half was kinda refreshing today to me. I like the motions and contraflow stuff.

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He didn’t want to sit out a season behind Tune first time around. Next year Washington St doesn’t have a conference.

Four years including the Covid year of 2020. He has at least 1 more year. Hell, when Cam Rising gets seven years, Cam Ward can get five for sure (and he’s three years younger). Maybe even Cam Newton can squeeze out another year of college - it’s a Cam thing.