Can Anyone Provide A Recruiting Update?

Sorry if I missed it. Also confused about the new signing period .

Very few commits with only a few weeks until early signing, but the per recruit rating is good.

We have a good number of transfers coming in as well.

DH says recruiting is year round with the portal. Different mindset nowadays.


Yep and I guess it is my perception but it seems that the kids entering the Portal (all hail the Portal) seem to be generally younger with more years of eligibility than what I used to perceive as a ‘transfer’ - usually a grad transfer with one year immediately eligible.

We have 6 transfers sitting out this season that I think count against this recruiting class. But not sure about that.

There are other transfers we are probably getting that will definitely count against this class. I can’t remember who all they are though, but I think we will get a couple of WR’s from LSU. There are others, though until we actually can sign them, I’m reluctant to count them as a done deal. But of course that’s also true with guys committed from high school.

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OT Derek Bowman of Magnolia is playing at AT&T Stadium vs. Highland Park tomorrow night at 7:00. Hope it’s on TV.

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Thank you all

When is the signing date in December?

This sounds about right, but they can move some to next year if some of the high school targets we’re after come through.

If it is 6, that plus the 8 commits, puts us at 14. We only have 20 this year because of last year’s grad transfers so that leaves us with 6 schollies left for this signing period.


We’re this close to finding out


Early day is Dec 18-20, 2019.
Old school day is Feb 5, 2020.

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Trying to figure out how they can move their allotment around is about like trying to figure out how your wife thinks. For me, that aint easy.

Mike, you’re so right “what” they think is easy, usually they’ll tell you. It’s “how” they think “what” they think that is hard.

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