Can Anyone Sort Our Roster As To Dana Recruits

Vs recruited by The Apple?

For example: Tune recruited by Kendall Briles, inked by Apple

If the board hates him, Applewhite
If the board gives them just a little bit of breathing room, Holgo


What does it matter? They are all our Coogs now. In regards to recruiting what matters is who we sign going forward. That is my concern with Holgy recruiting this and next years classes without an extension. It will be used against him/UH having a HC with two years this class and one year next years class!


Thus the answer is “No”.

In the end, going into year three, it doesn’t matter. The players on the roster should be developed into starters or replaced by more talented players if Holgorsen et al are doing their job.

This team is Holgorsen’s. The results are all on him.


Just find out how many true juniors are playing. Any thing less than that means that CDH’s players are redshirt SOPHS at best.

If you can’t figure that out then maybe reconsider your qualifications to judge a coach.

“Judge a Coach”.?

It’s a question. Dana set out to improve and turnover our roster.

Interesting to know how far along he is.

For example it took Coach Yeoman into his 4th season to do so.

The inquiry parting was hoping and trying to drag the recruiting angle into the package by which he is/was judging CDH and not for the better, wanting to implicate him with that being a part of the standard to further detract from him. So if one thinks he has established other rationale by which to judge CDH, but can’t understand the recruiting process/roster building aspect then maybe some of his other high IQ football rationale he is using is faulty as well.

And don’t think I’m on the CDH Love Boat cruise.

That does not account for transfers and JUCOs recruited by Holgorsen, which he relies on heavily. Many of those are above RS Sophs.

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I think its overblown. The team has recruited within the same range for 15 years. Are there some exceptions? Yes.

But overall, this team has enough talent from one coach to another to compete in the AAC.

I thinks its just rote management and imagination.
If you want to win from year one you can’t be stubborn. You run the plays that fit your personnel…until you have the ones to change it.

Agree, @FunkMasterMilluns. We are getting about the same level of talent as we always have. Transfers seem to be about a 50/50 shot if they work out. Either way, development has to happen if you are a true Freshman straight out of HS or a redshirt JUCO/transfer.

It’s pretty evident how he has back filled and balanced the roster . Just look at all the portal players that start

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And there’s a reason for a perhaps disproportionate number of transfers/grad students and JUCO players.

Yeah, the reason is that is the way Holgorsen runs his programs. He did it WVU even before the portal existed and he does it here.

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He’s got a thing about weighting towards upper class-men. I don’t entirely disagree. But it is contrary to the general theme practiced by most schools.
I think you still have to be able to recruit good kids.

As irritated as Dana gets answering questions I can’t picture him being a great saleman. Lol


Be my guest. I looked at all this stuff when we hired him after WVU fans came over to our board and talked about his over-reliance on JUCOs/transfers. Of course back then, transfers had to sit a year.

I still don’t think that it’s a fair comparison unless you take into the “UH” factor, the non-P5 factor and the coaching carousel and what that has done to destroy UH’s roster continuity via recruiting. Hard to calibrate that against any standard. Just look at the “Band of Brothers” recruiting class, their written in stone collapse, and then you’re just supposed to fill in their vacancies with players of the same caliber for the same recruiting class? CDH is trying to backfill for the carousel impact on recruiting. Just look at the OL position for example, trying to balance plugging in experience while also emphasizing it (finally a coach who is) on the recruiting end.

How many years are we going to keep hearing the same excuses in regards to recruiting, excusing Holgorsen for not getting/developing talent? This argument has been had ad nauseum on this board. I am of the mind that in his third year, he has had the time to get and develop the players to be successful. If we disagree, we disagree.

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I think he should win a lot of games this season. I just don’t see a rationale this year for being mediocre. And I still support Dana.