Can Houston football continue to overachieve in Major Applewhite era?

Overachieve? More like normalcy.

We were pretty dang salty for the “first” 40 years (1951-1990). Won 60% of our games. 30th best winning percentage in the nation.

Yes, we had a “dirty dozen” from 1991-2002.

But since 2003, we’ve won 62% of our games, 29th best in the nation.


Agreed. “P5” bias.


More like ignorance.

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Do you guys not read the links? The first paragraph said we were national title contenders in the 60s and 70s, and jumped back into it in the late 80s

Which would still mean that headline calling us overachievers is inaccurate.

Are people taking offense to being called overachievers?