Can someone learn this offense

Dino Babers is running a form of the offense up in Syracuse. They’re currently 4-0 and have put up over 2,100 yards so far this year.


Asking a coach to change his O or D philosophy is like asking him to change his religion. It rarely happens, and if it does, he’ll revert back to his original style of play calling as soon as he’s in a crunch.

If Briles gets hired as a HC I’m sure one of the first things he’ll do is make Clements his OL coach. Maybe even give him the title of OC.

It’s not a matter of learning the offense. It’s understanding it, believing in it, and getting your players to execute it.

I’m convinced that there are a lot of coaches out there that want to do it but they don’t want to sacrifice the time in recruiting the correct personnel and going through a wholesale change in mindset.

The Briles system isn’t something you tweak yourself into. It’s thermo-nuclear from the get-go.


I thought he was already the OL coach. Is he not?

I agree with everyone else that it’s less about the weapon and more about how to use it. Briles seems to be very good and using his system to take what the defense is giving. Other than a few deep balls, I’ve seen very little of him trying to force things. WAY less than we saw with last years run, run, incomplete pass offense.

I meant if Briles gets hired as a HC he’ll make Clements HIS OL coach/OC, thus Applewhite won’t be able to hire him as our OC.

Speaking of…Syracuse is currently a 23 point dog at Clemson this coming weekend. Anyone else think Syracuse might just give Clemson a run for their money? I think Clemson’s defense is way better than Syracuse’s defense, but I could see that one turning into a track meet.

Kendal is all in. I know a player on the team and says it is night and day compared to last season. Kendal is very involved and he does a lot of hands on coaching compared to our previous OC.


I think Clemson wins that one, but not by 23. Clemson May need to win out if they want to make the playoffs…ACC is weak this year.

Briles O is a veer/r&s hybrid. Art Briles called it the veer-n-shoot years ago.

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