Can’t believe the Horns got Sugar

Makes me ill how much even a recent bad reputation plays. Promoting it like its part of NC, not.

Somebody had to finish 2nd in the Big12. Conference was a mess after OU.

Maybe Georgia will put 70 on the horns


Hopefully so!


No, they have a decent DC.

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Todd Orlando has been awful this year. He’s on hot seat next year.

Florida vs Michigan is foreshadowing. TU is going to get embarrassed.


I want UT to get hammered so bad. But every time I predict a loss I jinx it. For the sake of America I am doing a counter-jinx: UT45 GA 24

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I dislike Judas, but he gets his teams up for big games. My guess is they win.

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So what, Georgia wasn’t motivated.

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Yea. Herman will have his team ready. GA needs to pound his QB from the start.