Can we all agree

No more continuity hires. When a coach leaves, we hire from outside.


Or we can just give the current head coach some time before thinking about the next hire?


It’s too early to make a judgment on Major.

He’ll get two more years after this to show what he can do. Hopefully, he’s an excellent “judge of talent”/recruiter, and we improve.

But if we have to fire him, he would make the 3rd failed continuity hire, after Jenkins and Levine. And I would agree with you.


Agreed. Unfortunately, it will be after another two and a half seasons of unwatchable football and after the loss of all momentum the program had built that we will look for a new coaching staff.

We can’t afford any more of this if we ever hope to be part of any realignment.

We were never going to be part of any realignment. Need proof? Check out our attendance of 20k Thursday night in front of a nationally televised audience. I hope I’m proved wrong.

So you are saying never?

the 2 most dominant g5 coaches, both coach ps from boise and tcu, were continuity hires

maybe next time we hire continuity, we hires from the good part of the team…


Still can win the West but need to fix this offense quickly

No it’s not. We could see from game 1 what style of team he would have. It’s a direct reflection of Applewhite himself, boring. Zero energy.


You won’t be. There is zero buzz or excitement around this team anymore.

He will get three years. Brian Johnson will get at least one year.

We can’t pay the buyout or fire a coach after one year that’s currently 4-2 and may still end up 6-5 in his first regular season.

Buyout, you’d be correct we can’t fire him. 6-5 or 5-6 you could but I’d say just hear his seat up. Brian Johnson on the other hand he can hit the showers after this year and major needs to do some serious philosophy evaluation in what he wants from an offense.

Defense got shredded and we tackled like girls. Pathetic. Whole team played poorly. I don’t think the season is over. We’re a better team than we showed on Saturday. Hopefully we can prove it l. Thursday.

I had listen on the radio for most of the 2nd half but the key was the first half. The defense did their part but the offense could only put up 10 points and gift-wrapped 7 for Tulsa with that INT. And the lack of confidence or aggressiveness to try to put some points on the board before halftime was surprising. This should have been something closer to 20-0 by halftime with Tulsa thinking here comes another L. The defense does not get a pass but the offense continues to put more and more pressure on this defense.

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Agreed, the offense is a bigger problem.

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