Can we transfer tickets by taking a picture and sending it to a person?

I think I have seen it posted, but I can’t find it.
Can I take a picture of my tickets and sen them to a person so they can get into he game.

I don’t think that will work… need to email them a link

A couple of posters have posted that you can. Pretty simple just to log in and click the transfer button though. Never had a hitch doing it.

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A screenshot of the QR code works fine


Yep just sending the pic of the QR code ticket works.

I’ve done it many times this season

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You can take a screenshot inside whichever wallet you have them stored. I know for sure Gpay let’s you. If you want to send the email or link go trough your account hit transfer tickets on the right side on your account page and click on the tickets you want to transfer. Input email or number and done.

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Thanks for the help.
I am going to have to miss a few games and I want the seats to be used.

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I don’t have a cell phone. What do I do? I still love my Coogs and would love to see them play.

Yes, I do it all the time. Parking passes as well.

Screenshot and text.

If the tickets belong to you they will print them at the box office for you. I forgot to download mine before a game and was having issues doing it there so they printed paper tickets for me.

I downloaded tickets to apple wallet. I send them to my kids all the time since they show up at different times.

I screenshot and text them.