Can WVU get ACC invite with Notre Dame - ACC Network


Maybe the mt’neers can hire CoogBong and his witch doctor … for answers …

After all he has been circling our wagons when he is not hiding in his rabbit hole going on for seven years now

Have Bong Will Travel …


It is the summer and everyone talks realignment about this time of the year unless their team is already where they want to me. Who really ever knows how these things play out until they play out. I’m just hoping we get the call up instead of all the rumors that typically circulate around the internet about this time of year.

“I heard it on the internet. So, it has to be true.” sigh

lol! Go Coogs!

Boog, don’t be put off by any of these “Bonger” comments. They are just jealous. Your psychic’s readings are every bit as accurate as anyone’s on this board!!:slight_smile: Hang in there. :sunglasses:

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