Can you imagine if we overreact to the Tech game?

seriously? Another uninformed comment? As I said, the only thing those rude fans did was make complete a$$es of themselves. As fans, they suck.

Lose to Tech this season, and it’ll be proof that Christ truly did die in vain!

Do you know what that “whoosh” sound was? :laughing:

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I don’t look at the B12 in football and basketball and separate them as a median average. I just look at all of them as very good. I’m not confident we’ll beat Tech simply because we do it so infrequently.

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We lead the all-time series.

I meant lately.

They’ll be up for us, and they’ll be better than they were last year. Our most recent trip up there didn’t turn out well, and last year was stupid, but past games don’t affect future outcomes.

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Yes, that woosh was a swing and a miss from someone attempting printed word sarcasm. Even the FBI could not develop an effective algorithm to detect sarcasm in the written word so why should I recognize it?

You should just tap out on this, really. It wasn’t “printed word sarcasm” unless you’re compiling this thread into a book. It was a reference to one of the stupider claims made here on Coogfans by a poster I won’t name. If you missed that exchange, well, consider yourself lucky. :laughing:

Maybe before you assume I don’t know what I’m talking about, you should consider whether you do. :wink:

Sounds like you already have the pitch forks out. Any loss this year, fans will probably say I told you so and stop coming or boo the team thinking they expressing everyones feelings and making things better. This team needs our support and is on an upward trajectory. I will be traveling to SA from Dallas to support my Coogs.
Can’t wait for the season, love college football and love the Coogs!


I sure would like to start 2-0. Prepared for 1-1. 0-2 would really hurt!

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lol, spoken like a true sociopath.

Get help.

im not the sociopath and quit projecting

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