Can you imagine if we overreact to the Tech game?

Imagine if we give Holgorsen the axe after the Tech game last year. Do you think we still win 12 games and/or finish ranked?

So glad Coogfans wasn’t the AD last year.


Hopefully we won’t have a slow start again this year.


You could say the same thing about the about Navy, ECU or SMU games which were within single touchdowns

Point is… we won those games and we move on

We have a target on our backs and this is the season where CDH proves he has what it takes

Go Coogs

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Had we lost that Navy game at home it would of gotten really interesting. That was also the game where Holgy went berserk with fans during halftime.


If they lose the Tech game this year, I’ll be ready to give Holgorsen THE AXE again!


We overreact to every game. :laughing:


Those fans were directly responsible for the turn-around. Kudos to them.


kidding right? See multiple articles on Mutin bringing the team together.

The only thing those fans did was make a$$s out of themselves.

Edit: if angry fans turn a team around and make players win games then UT should be #1 every year.


No when we enter the Big 12 then we will see, the AAC is crap compared to the Big 12


Honestly felt like….
we outplayed SMU
We allowed ecu to hang around and shot ourselves in the foot
The Navy first half was our low point of the season. Thank goodness we dominated the 2nd half.

Yeah Navy was the time where we were all pissed off. We were all there. We knew if Holgo lost that one, he was going to be on the hot seat right away.

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We all got high expectations this year but hopefully we don’t overlook UTSA and Tech. Both away games. Holgerson better win those to keep the hype.

Hard to win in Lubbock. I will not freak out if we lose to Tech. Conference still in play and our coaches and players have shown an ability to adjust.


We should have overreacted with Levin

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I wonder if he’s thankful for the fans who saved his job by booing the team going into the locker room. :thinking:


Don’t give me that excuse dansatjr.

At this point in Holgorsen’s program maturity, there is NO EXCUSE to not beat a bottom half Big 12 team.

If UH can’t beat Tech this year, that is a BAD SIGN entering the Big 12 next year.


I think every road game vs the B12 will be a war. There won’t be a single easy one.

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I’m not saying any road game is easy. However we have NO EXCUSE not to beat a mid to lower tier Big 12 team on the road this year.


But are we sure they’re gonna be a lower tier team?

Is Tech going to finish ahead of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor or Texas this year? NO.

Evan Kansas State and Iowa State have a good chance of finishing ahead of tech this year.

I understand tech is not an easy out for anyone in Lubbock, but if UH doesn’t beat tech this year it will be a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.


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