Can you turn from the middle lane?

In this situations, can you turn left from the middle lane or is the left turn lane protected?

i would say only the marked left lane. they should have the lane next to it marked someway

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No. Left lane is turn only, middle 2 lanes are strait only, and right lane is right turn.


I could

Yes you can. Now it may not be legal but you certainly can.


How about when there’s a long line in the left lane and you zoom to the front and turn from the middle?

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If theres no sign on the side and no sign at the bottom and one right infront that has a turn then its up for interpretation.

Hell yeah! Lines are for suckers. You snooze you lose.

Also need to take into account the historical practices of the area.

Take my street for instance, it had yield signs at the end of the block instead of stop signs for the first 17 years I lived here. I have a hard time conforming to these new stop signs they “just” installed a few years ago. I still believe the City should have trusted its gut and stuck with the yield sign. Changing their mind to a stop sign was a mistake that they’ll regret.

I still follow the traditional yield, not the new-fangled stop sign.

Can you? Yes, but make sure you don’t get caught.

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No you can’t turn from that middle lane. You can’t turn left from any lane not the far left lane unless it is marked as such. You can’t turn right from any lane not the far right lane unless it is marked as such.

“Get caught”? There are not traffic cops anymore in Houston. The suburbs? Maybe but in Houston since COVID traffic has become a free-for-all

We should bring back traffic cops just to pull over people who don’t comply with the “left lane for passing only” state law.

It would improve traffic and reduce road rage shootings.

But seriously, I wonder what impact the lack of traffic cops has had on both traffic flow and on freeway deaths?

There should be police cars on the interstate and all they do is drive up and down the highway at 95 mph in the left lane. If they come up on someone in the left lane, they turn on their lights to get people to move over.

Oh, and I think I might be in favor of replacing the citizenship test with a driving test.

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Thank you! How do we turn these ideas into law?

Personally I enjoy driving in Mexico. Drivers on the highways are better than US drivers, and driving on city streets is fun and exciting. Better than coffee!

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Non licensed, non insured is what’s costing the average driver.

Say what?

Come again?

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