Candidate quality

How did things get to this far?

Cheney losing by 113 vote percentage swing (from +73 to -40 two years later.

Have you seen Kari Lake? Her look scares me.

Right Wing radio…all day, everyday doom and gloom. No solutions, just complaints.


What kind of a thread is this?
boing boing. All of your post is fabricated.
Did you even know that Kari Lake voted for and gave to obama’s campaign? She even had pictures taken with him.
She left her local news anchor job because she was fed up with the constant political bias. Shortly after she announced she was running. She is another outsider fed up with professional politicians.

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Boing boing is the equivalent of the federalist or gateway pundit on the right.

And that article doesn’t say Lake thinks that. It’s talking about a fan.

I honestly have never heard of them until I read this.
It is character assassination plain and simple.
Have you visted the gateway pundit site?

Yes, it’s the same kind of half truths and nonsense.

So you did read articles from the gateway pundit?

I’ve read their stuff. It’s heavily biased and not always true. If you don’t think they are biased, it says a lot. It’s basically the same site as boing boing (maybe worse) on the other side of the spectrum.

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Trump will win in 2024 thats what it means.


and not always true…
So they are true…sometimes?

Sure, they get the facts right sometimes. Congrats to them, I guess.

Kari Lake is a nut job, but again the really scary part is there are hundreds and thousands who agree with her views and give her money.

Now do the squad

The Squad takes some hard-left positions at odds with most Democrats, but they’re not crazy. They don’t think the election was stolen.


They take positions I dont like and are too often, look at me attentoon seekers, but they are not election deniers who want to destroy our democracy…easy to say.


Lol, your right, they are not crazy, they are nuts.

I live in Kari Lake land.

Her primary opponent outspent her 10 to 1.

Pence campaigned for her opponent.

The sitting Governor and his predecessor both endorsed her opponent.

Kari won going away.

Her prime supporter? Trump.

People are riled up. Although I and others are tired of Trump, his messages still have power.

Kari Lake will be the next Governor of Arizona. Republican Blake Masters will defeat Democrat Mark Kelly in the Senate election. Blake also is backed by Trump.

Many, many no longer are enthralled by Trump,personally, but are receptive to his messages.

Ron DeSantis effectively communicates Trump’s messages without being Trump. Thus is a good bet to become President in 2025.


The republican primary will be interesting for 2024.

If Trump gets it and runs, i think he loses. Will DeSantis sit on the sidelines and wait?

Will Cheney run as a third party candidate just to siphon votes from Trump?

I agree, if DeSantis gets it, he can win. And that is just as dangerous.

I’m concerned that would backfire and hurt biden.