Capitol Jan. 6 rioter convicted; could get up to 60 years

This moron “three percenter” was convicted on all counts.

The jerk even threatened his two teenaged kids if they tried to report him.


No matter what his sentence is, I hope that it’s significant for TWO reasons:

  1. under federal sentencing guidelines, you generally have to do at least 80% of your sentence; it’s not like in TX where you almost never do more than half, and often do no more than maybe a fourth of your sentence before you parole out for all but the most serious offenses, AND

  2. a long sentence would send a “message” to other Jan. 6th rioters that they had better consider taking a plea bargain.

And come on. Does anyone truly believe that someone that came to Capitol Hill on Jan 6th with a holstered handgun, carrying zip ties, wearing a helmet and body armor, was truly there for a “peaceful” protest? Get serious now. He was there looking for a fight.
This guy tried to push his way through police and got pepper sprayed; after that, he kept waving people onward.



Should be having some company, hopefully soon.


His wife is still defiant and supportive. Can’t help but wonder how guys like this get
radicalized to this point and how many more like him are out there. I suspect if he wasn’t
prosecuted and put away he would have become more dangerous over time. Thinking
like Oklahoma City Bomber dangerous. Be interesting to do a deep dive on this guy and understand more how he got to this point. Wonder what his “news” sources were.

The son that testified against him has a go fund me page that’s at $169,000.

Come on guys, they were just tourists.

Even worse, it was just “legitimate political discourse.”


We ought to be voting out of office these Spineless pols who equivocate on this matter. Playing with our Republic and it’s future has consequences. They should know this. I just wish we had a 3rd party those of us could rally around, try to get our country on the path I like to see.