Care to guess what this is about?

No idea, but it’s coming from the UHCougar Athletics account and seems to be for all sports.


  • New Marketing slogan
  • New fan shop announcement
  • Nike ripped up our apparel deal and is actually going to give us money now
  • New official sport team
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Look, it’s a Press Conference on Monday!

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Or something to do with Hofheinz

Maybe naming rights?

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August 1 is when single game tickets go on sale for season ticket holders… other than that, no idea.

Yeah, not sure what would be so “special” about that. Sounds pretty routine to me…So you’re probably right!:slight_smile:

Finishing the ribbon boards.

Announcement regarding Renovating Hofheinz.

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Naming rights sold for the indoor football facility.

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They tweeted a “clue” and showed a photo of the inside of the Pavilion. Most likely naming rights for basketball will be announced.

Probably naming rights, but the graphic includes all sports…

Landry’s Pavilion/Arena

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Chrome helmet reveal :confused:

Talking with others, they think it’s a fundraising initiative to help fund the facility projects.

Yeah, I think it is a fund raising campaign. One of the early images they put out said something like, “Your chance to get involved” in the corner.

UH will be joining the Big 12!!!

Clear bags will be required at all sporting events.

Houston teases ‘special announcement’ on August 1


Fat UH and wet cathead rule!!!