Carl Lewis Hopes to Lead ‘Speed City’ to a National Title

Coach Lewis comes off as an arrogant SOB, but if he can bring us a title, he will have earned it.


Damn, I’ve never met him personally, but that sucks if that really is the case.

Either way, I do really hope he can bring us a Natty.

If anyone can do it, he can

"It took me a while to realize,” Lewis said, pausing briefly to collect his thoughts. “Look, I never came out here saying they could do what I do because — come on — that’s never going to happen again.”

He added: “But look, I lose money every day I come out here. I mean, I’m giving up my, you know, vacation time, so I’m serious about it. So I’m happy to do it if you’re serious. But if you’re not serious, you’re wasting my time. So this is the year to get everything back on track.”


Hehehe! “Back on track!” I hope he can get UH back on track literally and figuratively!

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So what happens to Leroy? He retires?

Leroy Burrell named Auburn track and field head coach - Auburn University Athletics (

Leroy needed a change of scenery understandbly so after the death of his son.


Coach Lewis is anything but arrogant.
I had the privilege of interviewing him years ago and I know he loves UH and is very confident about others achieving excellence but never being one to expect a kid to reach his stature.
He certainly doesn’t need the money to coach here but enjoys coaching youngsters up.
He was one of the greatest track stars and has the gold medals to prove it.
I also believe he is simply saying he does not expect anyone to live up to what he did in the long jump, 100 meters and relays.
He was a once in a life time track star.
My only criticism of him might be that I wish he spent more time on the recruiting trail, but at the same time I know he has excellent assistants


I don’t think he has an exaggerated sense of his importance, or abilities in track sports…

He KNOWS he is the GREATEST track athlete ever from the USA… Plain & Simple.


It is difficult to earn nine gold Olympic medals without your self-confidence moving toward arrogance a little bit. I have met him socially a few times. He is the real deal !
Go Coogs!


I’m proud he"s a Coog and he’s proud to be a Coog… greatest track & field superstar of the last half of the 20th century.


That’s true. I’ve shook his hand a couple of times at football games, and once stood in line in front of him at the Banfield pet clinic by the Astrodome. He has always been very nice when I’ve met him.

I guess it’s a different story for his athletes…

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I have to comment here too. I have found him to be a very nice and positive person. He is eccentric but I like that. He is also very very tough on his athletes because he wants the best for them. On one occasion last year, I was standing beside the track fence watching him train with his athletes and he pushed them so hard that three of them were laying on the ground grasping for air and almost writing with pain. Carl walked over right away and shouted “GET UP! GET UP!” It was impressive and comical at the same time because he showed ‘zero’ mercy!!


Carl holds himself to the same standard .


Yes he surely does.

Where is UH at the NCAA Nationals!? I don’t see any Coogs competing!

Agreed, it’s a disappointingly short list. I am probably missing some but I only see:

110m hurdles - DeVion Wilson
400m hurdles - Quivell Jordan and Amere Lattin

Didn’t the nationals occur a month or so ago? Or am I missing the question?

I’m assuming just a typo. USATF Championships are this weekend.