Carl Lewis Speaks out against Proposed Long Jump Change

There’s a proposal to get rid of the long jump board and create a jump zone. Point is to get rid of (most) fouls and make the long jump more exciting.

Lewis doesn’t like it; same for some other jumpers questioned.

I don’t like it. It’s part of the skill of the long jump. Otherwise, you’re just going to get a bunch of sprinters out there lining up and taking off. I think there’s a lot of skill in the long jump. Lewis says its the hardest event in track and field. (Personally, the high jumpers and pole vaulters always looked hardest to me–but I couldn’t do any of them so not the best judge).

If we’re doing this, why not get rid of the lines and rings in the field events? As for sprints, just line 'em up one by one like at the NFL combine and let each runner start when he/she pleases.

Sort of reminds me MLB putting a designated hitter in the National League. Adds more “excitement,” but takes away a lot of game strategy, IMO. Same here.

Carl Lewis calls proposed format change in long jump an April Fools’ joke | CNN


Next thing you know they will be shooting long jumpers out of cannons!

They could also get rid of ther hurdles in hurdles and the bar in high jump and pole vault, would give everybody a confidence boost and isn’t that more important anyways.