Carmakers Removing AM Radio

A bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced a bill that would require all new cars to include AM radio as many manufacturers have increasingly been phasing it out.

A release from the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on Thursday states Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who serves as the committee’s ranking member, and Ed Markey (D-Mass.), another committee member, are leading a group of nine other members of Congress from both parties to support the AM for Every Vehicle Act.

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While I think it’s silly to not include AM radio in todays cars, it’s not the place of government
to get into defining car options. I’m good with government safety, pollution, and CAFE requirements
but that’s it. Just as well require all cars have CD, cassette, and 8track players too.

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There approaching from national emergency stand point. AM provides that ability no.mayter the conditions.I think that’s what the pols are concerned about.

The government ended analog tv. Rendering millions of tvs obsolete.

Are they going to require every American have a car too to have access to the emergency radio ? Just silly.

Not defending what their trying to do. People want AM just buy AM radio for those emergencies is my opinion. But it sounds like the AM lobby folks got into those pols ears.

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Yes, that was ridiculous.

On the AM radios, it is the EVs that are dumping them because the electric motors play havoc with the reception, or so I read. Long live AM radio.

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I’m a Mustang guy. I’ve had 3 plus one for the wife.

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I read that as well…but not 100% convinced. Cars have had devices that generate EM waves for
along time with hybrid cars, alternators, regenerative braking, electric fan motors for radiators, and cabin HVAC fans. Just not convinced. Has AM radio reception been a thing for Prius drivers for last 26 years ?

It’s because EV designers think antennas are evil.

I heard Ford is going to put AM back in their cars. They said it was a “software change” to make it happen. Call me a conspiracy theorist…

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