Carrying the ball

Anyone know what the “rule” is and how it is enforced ? ? ? ? ?

A retired UH student, Dentist and BB player back when he was in high school complains about “carrying” the ball is not called. Tonight I attended three games, played by 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Most of the kids “dribbling” the ball held the ball about where my 9 iron contacts my golf ball and rolling the ball over to better control it. I was surprised when one ref actually called one of the kids for carrying the ball. Just curious . . . . .

A.I. Kinda killed that rule tbh :joy: it’s very rarely called, especially in pros/college

I seem to remember Caleb Mills getting called for this a time, or two, in his time at UH…

But yeah… It has to be egregious these days to get called.

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Kinda like dunks. Many dunks are after 3 steps. The refs just look the other way because everyone wants showtime.

Yep calling traveling, or carrying makes the “star players” look bad. So unless it’s egregious, they don’t call it

Kinda like holding penalties for offensive lineman. Probably could be called way more often

I concluded that they only call carrying the ball when the dribbler gets an advantage while making a move against the defender / driving to the hole. If they are just dribbling out top, I don’t think they call it close.

Carrying is basically a travel so same rule applies on extra step

I coached high school basketball and football for 20 + years…” carrying” is a travel call when it gets called…. Most refs let it go unless the kid really puts his hand behind the ball and comes over the top to change directions…. It could be called much more often than it does…. But unless it is used as an advantage to cross somebody over it will not get called much.