Case last night

Just a couple thoughts of last night’s game.

*The O line looked terrible
*The play calling looked repetitive
*Case was staring down his receiver too much

-After the first couple of plays of the opening drive, it all seemed down hill. The 49ers D was dialed in and the Rams O pretty much did nothing. They looked like they were manhandled in the trenches. I think this was obvious because both Todd Gurley and Case couldn’t get a rhythm going. A couple of flashes here or there but then they were shut down.

-They kept talking about the Rams doing exotic looks but despite their formation their play calling seemed repetitive and predictable. Going back to my thoughts about the O line, once the play scheme was figured out the 49ers pretty much stacked the box and either stuffed the run or rushed Case to pass.Not sure I can even say the 49ers were blitzing and instead just overpowering the O line (once again reverting back to the 1st comment). However I felt like the play calling was reverting back to the OC last year that was let go mid-season, Once the interim OC took over I thought they went more vertical and things were moving. I saw pretty much none of that last night.

-When I watched Case, I felt like he was eyeing his man down too much. Sometimes they were quick passes/timed routes, but I noticed this on other times as well. I think that is what lead to the tip interception and the other interception. The 49ers were watching his eyes and that is why there were a lot of pass breakups. I thought there could have easily been more interceptions at times. That being said, I felt like he didn’t get much help from his line or receivers. It looked like Derek Newton a few years ago just letting people run right by at times. Also I thought he made some good throws that people didn’t pull in.

Overall a pretty disappointing showing by the Rams except for the D, which did all it could. The offense looking terrible as a whole could be bad and good for Case. Good because it doesn’t single him out and it shows the line needs to get it together, receivers pulling in balls, etc., but bad because he is the “Field General” and they did nothing under his watch.

I hope they can turn it around and Case can not only improve but hold his starting position.

It was not pleasant to watch. No one played well including Keenum, and I am a huge Case fan.


Watching the game, my thoughts shifted from Keenum is the better QB and that is why he was starting to Fisher doesn’t Goff to be the next David Carr.

Commentators trashed him throwing to the sidelines constantly, but there were no downfield routes, and he was getting hit on three step drops, how they hell would he ever get to 5-7 steps for downfield passing. Hard to watch how bad they were on offense.

I am thinking that Fisher is saving Goff as well. You do not throw your first round draft pick behind that offensive line.

It was painful to watch. I don’t want to talk about it.

Interesting to hear a couple of you say that because I was feeling the same way. Wasn’t sure if I was being “Mr. Conspiracy” or biased. The interesting thing is that they didn’t look that bad during the preseason.

The preseason is why I thought it was about Keenum just being better, hopefully this game was a fluke, and they can work out something with that line in a hurry.

Just think of all those OLs and WRs they could have drafted with those draft picks.

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The whole offense was terrible. Receivers dropping balls, Oline getting annihilated, no running lanes or holes opening, play-calling, and Case making mistakes.

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Since Gurley didn’t play at all in the preseason, I didn’t really expect their offense to be in sync, but it was worse than that.

Seeing how every game was close with the exception of the Browns game which they may be the worst team in the NFL, I’m feeling okay about the Houston Texans.

What concerned me the most lays with the play calling duties. I already mentioned it but unfortunately the few plays that Case ran in the pre-season are more or less the same that we saw last night. That is unacceptable. Fisher said it time and time again that they were keeping the offensive plays under wrap for the actual season. What season is he talking about. Boras has to call a much better game. A good coach plays to its player’s strength. Boras keeps this up and they will ALL GET FIRED.

They have no weapons on offense other than Gurley and teams are daring them to pass and they can’t with the mediocre WR’s on that roster. They will have to go out and overpay in free agency for some WR to help whomever is playing QB next year. I thought if the Rams were in contention then Case would remain the starter, but as bad as they looked last night I am not sure that is possible.

Briles to LA


SF just went with the book on Case. Put too many men in the box to run. Push back the oline. If you aren’t getting pressure, get your hands up. A guy Case’s size doesn’t have a chance to look good with a poor offensive line. He is getting paid well but it’s obvious that Case is out there because they don’t want to ruin Goff before they have a chance to man a team that can at least be competitive. Short of Case throwing pick 6s in back to back to back games in a Matt Schaub manner, Case gets to be the sacrificial lamb for the entire season I am sure.

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That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. They kept saying “exotic” and I was scratching my head thinking it couldn’t be any more vanilla. What made it so painful was that they didn’t try one thing out of the box even when the game was out of reach. I know coaches like to play conservative when the game is still in reach but when you are down 4 scores, why not experiment?