Caught in the Middle: AAC Faces Tough Reality Over Coaches, Playoff Access - SI

“Coaches all say the same thing about the jobs they currently occupy: they’re the best, and they never want to leave. That’s a recruiting tactic and a means of reassuring the fans. But the truth is, they are like most people in most professions: motivated to maximize their professional success and earning power.”

Sad statement about the coaches (and not just in the AAC). Lie, break your contract, and then tell your team you love them, but hey, this a business. Oh, and good luck in your bowl game.

At least Scott Frost stayed with UCF until the season was finished beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl. Go Nebraska!


Are they really breaking their contract when each contract has a buyout clause? It’s a given in the coaching business - just ask Hunter at Arkansas. Did UH break its contract with Levine and Applewhite when they let them go? It’s no fun for the schools losing their coaches but it is part of the business that is likely to stay. As Todd Orlando said, each offseason they are either praising you or running you out of town/

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What a ludicrous article. Instead of writing about AAC H.C.'s going to the p5’s Forde should write how the cfp is a scam and should be sued. He won’t he is paid to “spread the cfp false National Championship title”

Good point. In the way back I signed a 1 year IT contract with a bank. I should of asked for a buy out clause!:stuck_out_tongue: