CBS Sports: AAC may look to poach Big 12 teams should Texas and Oklahoma exit

Not simultaneous.

I don’t think our current situation is on account of being nice. We’d have jumped ship if given the opportunity. We were just never given the opportunity.


I meant as possible alternatives.

You trust/believe in Mack Rhodes?!?!?!?! lol He will guide baylor into the Sunbelt.

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I’d like to leave Baylor in the ditch, but to quote Robert Duvall in the Godfather, “take the deal.”

They bring tickets to the table. Nothing sells like an intense rivalry.

Yea. Not a Rhoades fan. He seems to me to always be learning and never quite in control of things. I could actually see him running from Baylor like he did Mizzou.

He reminds me of a 14 year-old kid at the country club with a taped-on mustache. “Buy ya beer, old man?”

How much do you want to bet that the AAC commissioner and ESPN/Fox have been collaborating on this?


If Baylor were to want in to the AAC, they’d be in.

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The B12 zombies will still get their inflated TV dollars for 2 more years, so they can’t walk away
from that to join AAC. Unless the zombies can find a stable P5 that pays about as well , they need to rebuild the B12. Kansas may get an invite from B1G , and maybe another school, but most of the zombies were just bottom feeders not worth $31 million/yr.


Parialex is correct, IMHO.

Can we refer to the B12 as “The Walking Dead?”


Would be hilarious if ESPN started using that in place of B12. [And I mean without the laughing part.]

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I must admit, it is fun to watch the B-12 remnant in a state of panic while, it appears, the AAC is calmly watching the carnage from above.


More like watching the carnage from the bushes. But, yes, the watching is fun!

“I like to watch”

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IMO, sixteen teams would be preferable. With that in mind, remove Boise State, add UNLV (14), SMU (15) & choose one team among NDSU, New Mexico or SDSU (16).

However, if Kansas fails in their bid to go to the Big Ten, then they would become #16.

Would UH and SMU block certain Texas schools? Texas Tech is fine, but TCU and Baylor encroach on SMU. Very interesting times. Baylor could be playing in CUSA in a couple of years.

This is Arresco’s opportunity to distinguish himself. HE could really come out of this as a mastermind, or a flop. I think he’s actually holding the cards now. We’ll see.

I agree.

I think everyone is thinking too inside the box.
aggressive means gathering the best of the big 12, the best of the american, and a couple of unhappy g5’s and negotiate a new p5 deal.
add byu….then add AZ schools colorado and nebraska potentially.
pac 12 is the weakest p5, the money the new league negotiates should be in the same range…and it gets the az schools away from the californication that is permeating the pac. there will be plenty of az lawmakers behind such a move. colorado has languished in the pac and nebraska is unhappy in the big.
az st
texas tech
okie state
iowa state
choose an option below for last in
tcu or smu
tulane (because new orleans is a great location for conference tourneys) and no to baylor….but baylor may make the cut here

Probably not gonna happen but I love the idea that you came up with though.

LOL…that’s way outside of any box.