CBS Sports:Like it or not, it's tough to blame Houston, Dana Holgorsen and D'Eriq King for working the system

"“I think probably the NCAA is upset with me right now,” Holgorsen said.

Judging by the reaction to putting his best player in storage for the rest of 2019, Holgorsen doesn’t much care. King has had four offensive coordinators in four years. Holgorsen is his third head coach.
“That takes a toll on anybody,” King said.
“It sucks,” Holgorsen said. “We’ve got a chance to rectify that.” "


Honestly, in the end, if the player and coach both agree to it, that shouldn’t matter what his status is. Just speaking from a purely rules standpoint.


Working the system??? What about the “system” that lets the P5 schools keep their foot on the throats of the non-P5 schools?


Redshirting is in place so players can develop and learn the systems. It can make just as much sense as a Senior.

I’m actually now completely convinced that King will be here for 2020. He isn’t going to a 4th head coach and 5th OC in five years.


Finally someone gets it :pray::pray::pray:

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The real question is why he wasn’t redshirted his first year !!!

To boost Herman’s career !


There you go. Lyin’ Tom Herman was all about self promotion in order to move over to UT-Austin. His whole slogan re: the Houston Takeover was designed to force UT-Austin’s hand in order to come get him sooner rather than later; and he was regularly talking to former UT-Austin head coach Mack Brown. Also he hired Major Applewhite primarily to get access to inside information on the goings on up in Austin, and then even moved into Major’s old house when he moved over to Austin. In hindsight, we should have been able to see thru the con game going on with Lyin’ Tom playing us - but we just wanted to believe!

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Who’s we? I never bought the carnival barker’s act.


All hands on deck to flip the Houston job for something bigger. Didn’t need a long term plan like we do now.

Good article. Unlike the national talking heads that don’t get us or our program at all this writer did the research and looked past the surface well done.

Well, since CDH is a good coach and seems to truly want to be at UH, I will give him a lot of slack.

Let’s face facts, Herman and Apple Boy left the program in disarray !!!

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